Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canadian Women Hockey Team Skates All Over Slovakia

It was an 18-0 route for the Canadian women. A new Olympic record for goals by a women's team, the previous being 16. I close to watch is over other events because I grew up particularly fascinated with the game from junior high on. Admittedly I have a pecking order the ranks ski jumping and the alpine events high and hockey right up there. I'm not as into speed skating which I'm sure is a big draw for many Americans because of the popularity of Apolo Ohno, and while I didn't see it I understand he captured a sliver medal in the 1500m race giving him a 6th medal. The second place finish actually availed itself to him when two skaters ahead of him went down in the finall turn. His six medals ties him with Bonnie Blair for the most medals by a U.S. Olympic team member.

The Canadian woman played consistant throughtout the entire game. It would be easy for them to have let up at some point but they didn't. The controled the puck throughout. Admittedly they were paired with the last seeded team, but I see this as the team to beat if the US is to attain a gold in these games. The Canadian gals clearly carry themselves as the defending champains.

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