Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Hangover Perspective

Phote credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Don’t think by the title of this post I was wasted last night. No, in fact I had nothing to drink at all. It’s just that the long opening celebrations tend to leave one drowsy the next day.

I got up with the dogs at 5:30AM and let them out. Back to bed till 9:00AM. I’ve had the morning to think about it along with some caffeine and I am slightly disappointed as I look back on the opening day. Yes, there were magical moments in the chorography of the opening, but the technical glitch in the lighting of the cauldron and the tragic death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. Mark Grimmette a members of the U.S Olympic team and a luger who would have been one of Kumaritashvili’s rivals is wearing a Georgian pin to honor him. It was fitting that the games be dedicated to him, but what I now await is the level of Olympic Spirit that we are accustomed to seeing in these games. The death of Kumaritashvili we will not forget; but the glitch with the lighting ceremony can easily be erased by Olympic Competition.

In another element of less than joyful news - Rain and 50 degree highs are disrupting the Alpine skiing events at Whistler. These of course are among my favorite. I have no idea at this point when they are to be rescheduled.

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